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Gever Tulley STEAMConf

Gever Tulley

Brightworks School founder, San Francisco CA (USA)

Gever founded Tinkering School in 2005 in order to learn how children become competent and to explore the notion that kids can build anything, and through building, learn anything. A self-taught computer scientist with no formal education, Gever’s expertise is really in… thinking. Gever has taught workshops and made presentations to both kids and adults around the world. He has spoken at TED, twice, written articles for MAKE:, and authored the book Fifty Dangerous Things (you should let your children do).

Mariona A. Cíller STEAMConf

Mariona A. Cíller

SokoTech co-founder, and director, Barcelona

Cum laude from the University of Illinois with a double major in Fine Arts (B.F.A.) in Visual Communication and Art History disciplines. Master of Science (M.Sc), Mass Media & Management Studies, and Assistant Professor at the same university teaching classes on free software tools and open culture. Posteriorly graduated from the Fab Academy (CBA/MIT) with a diploma in Digital Fabrication and Electronics. Her thesis Free Culture Project, which fuses the potential of technology with the transforming power of education, is a turning point in her career towards territories of reinvention of the world of teaching and learning hand in hand with emerging technologies.

In 2015 co-founded SokoTech, a digital social innovation laboratory, bringing together an intersectoral team of experts in the conception and production of projects on the humanities, science, and technology frontier. Postgraduate in Design Research & Management Educational Evaluation and Research by the Higher Institute of Education and Sciences of Lisbon (ISEC); Currently, she is pursuing a doctorate in Computer Sciences & Human-Computer Interaction in Digital Making at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC).

Sylvia Martinez STEAMConf

Sylvia Martinez

Stanford & Columbia University's FabLearn Fellows, New York (USA)

Before becoming an educational software producer and vice president of a video game company, she was an aerospace engineer. She spent a decade as president of Generation YES, an innovative non-profit initiative that provides educators with the tools to place students in leadership roles in their schools and communities. Sylvia delights and challenges the audience as a keynote speaker at major conferences around the world. She brings her real-world experience in highly innovative learning organizations and work environments.

She is the co-author of Invent To Learn: Making, Tinkering, and Engineering in the Classroom, a book that advocates innovative learning with modern technology, real-world design principles, and creative, hands-on experiences, and has long been regarded as the bible of the maker movement in the schools. Sylvia Martinez has been creating innovative online learning experiences for educators and students for decades.

Susana Tesconi STEAMConf

Susanna Tesconi

Professor at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC), Stanford & Columbia University's FabLearn Fellows, Barcelona

Professor of Computer Science, Multimedia and Telecommunications Studies at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC). She received a doctorate in education from the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona and is a member of the DARTS group, dedicated to investigating the intersections of art, technology, and society. Her expertise is the study of the interaction between learning processes and technology. In this area, she focuses on accompanying people in developing their own devices, tools, and environments. Since 2010 she has designed and implemented laboratories and educational programs related to interaction design and digital fabrication for different institutions such as Tabakalera – International Culture Center (Donostia) and the DHUB: Barcelona Design Museum. Since 2014, she has also been a member of the FabLearn Fellowship, promoted by the Transformative Learning Technologies Lab at Stanford University and Columbia University.

Susan Klimczak STEAMConf

Susan Klimczak

Director of Education at ECTS (South End Technology Center). Boston, MA (USA)

She is director of Education at SETC Boston, the Learn 2 Teach Teach 2 Learn program organizer. Passionate about engaging youth and teens in the creative possibilities of engineering and technology. Degree in Electrical Engineering, Master in Environmental Education, Master and Doctor in Learning, and Teaching from Harvard University Graduate School of Education.

Oscar Martínes Ciuró STEAMConf

Oscar Martínez Ciuró

Coordinator of the Maker Convent project, Barcelona

Graduated in Social Education, Master in Multimedia Applications, and an expert in Digital Fabrication. Oscar moves at the intersection of social education, culture, and new technologies. Professor of Transmedia and Collaborative Economies, he has given talks and training on new technologies, social education, and culture in various Latin America and Spain cities. Oscar has coordinated the Specialization in Cultural Industries of the Master of Management of Cultural Institutions and Companies of the Barcelona University (UB), the Camon project - New Technologies Laboratory in Alicante, Murcia, and Madrid and the participatory project Ciudad Beta for CEESC. He has been thinking and producing European projects in collaboration with various entities for more than 15 years, focused on research, prototyping, and developing new training models for education, cultural management, and digital fabrication. He is the coordinator of the MakerConvent project, a small reference in the field of edumaking.

Federico Tobon STEAMConf

Federico Tobon

Heart of los Angeles School, (HOLA) Los Angeles CA (USA)

Maker, artist, and educator based in Los Angeles, California. He loves making weird and whimsical illustrations and objects that explore the way creativity develops under material constraints. As an educator, he works with the youth at Heart Of Los Angeles school, developing classes and playful hands-on activities, from creative coding and digital fabrication to papercraft and toy making. He likes to explore a wide array of materials and tools that encourage curiosity and an inquisitive attitude towards the material world.

Laia Sánchez STEAMConf

Laia Sánchez

Col·laboratori, Citilab Cornellà (Barcelona)

As head of the Col·laboratori, she explores and strengthens the links that Citilab maintains with the various communities with which it interacts at different levels, from the most local to the international, since she also coordinates European projects. She has been responsible for several Citylab projects, which has improved her living labs, co-creation, methodologies, tools, and innovation skills (iCity, Pelar, JamToday, and Mind the Gap, Future DiverCities). She collaborated as a scriptwriter, producer, and director of the BTV documentary show Theme Nights.

Technical director of audiovisual production and shows by EMAV, in 2000, she founded a group of live video-projections; simultaneously, she obtained a degree in Audiovisual Communication from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). In 2007 she was coordinator of the thematic program of the Cabinet of the Rectorate and Culture in Viu, where she programmed events with multidisciplinary outstanding scientific Speakers. Since 2007 she has been an associate professor in the Department of Communication Sciences at the UAB.

Ryan Jenkins STEAMConf

Ryan Jenkins

Co-founder of Wonderful Idea Co., San Francisco, California (USA)

Co-founder of Wonderful Idea Co., a Northern California creative studio that explores the intersection of art, science, and technology through making and tinkering. Ryan trains educators to develop playful environments and creates craft exhibits and artwork for museums and Makerspaces. Ryan was a founding member of the Exploratorium Tinkering Studio, where he developed workshops and activities that have been used, adapted, and remixed in innovative education settings worldwide. He has worked closely with MIT Media Lab’s Lifelong Kindergarten, Brightworks School, Make Magazine, and the LEGO Foundation to develop an in-depth understanding of STEAM education advancements

Arvind Gupta STEAMConf

Arvind Gupta

Toy inventor and science outreach leader, Pune (India)

Arvind Gupta has been a toymaker for over 40 years. He has conducted over 3000 science activity workshops in schools. He has won numerous national and international awards for making science fun for children. Here is his popular TED talk: He is the author of numerous books available in English, Hindi, and other Indian languages, including Little Toys, Amazing Activities, Science from Scrap, and Science Skills & Thrills: The Best of Arvind Gupta. Their Low-Cost Equipment for Science and Technology Education is available with PDF through UNESCO.

Eduard Muntaner STEAMConf

Eduard Muntaner

UdiGitalEdu, Universitat de Girona

He is a computer engineer and an expert in maker education and computational thinking. Since 2005, he has been developing EdTech projects, emphasizing promoting creativity, and critical thinking in schools in disadvantaged communities. During the last decade, he has collaborated with various non-profit organizations in South India through different innovative educational projects for underprivileged children.

He is the founder of Inventors4Change, a project that connects children worldwide through global education for citizenship, collaborative digital storytelling, and creative computing. He is also involved in the Inventor and GlobalChangeMakers projects. He currently works at the University of Girona, where he teaches technology at the Faculty of Education and designs and implements creative computing projects for children and young people within the UdiGitalEdu group framework.

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